LBS research agenda: A first list of “key problems” and the vision workshop at LBS 2016

The ICA Commission on Location-Based Services is currently working on a cross-cutting research agenda, identifying key research questions and challenges that are essential for the LBS development in the next 5 or 10 years.

In the first step of this process, we have received 31 one-paragraph proposals (thank you very much for those who contributed). Based on these proposals, we have compiled a first list of “key problems” (pdf).

In order to further refine this list and develop a comprehensive LBS research agenda, we invite everyone to comment and give feedback on this list. Any important things missing from your perspective? Please provide your feedback here by 4 November. Any comments and feedback are welcome!

In addition, we will organize a workshop, immediately before LBS 2016, on the afternoon (13:00-18:00) of November 13, 2016, to discuss these key problems in details. Anyone interested is invited to attend this workshop. The registration is free. If you plan to join, please register for the workshop by 30 October.

More details of the initiative can be found at:

Look forward to your comments and feedback, as well as your participation in the research agenda workshop.