Call for Papers: ICC 2021 and Intl. Sym on “Geospatial Approaches to Combating Covid-19”

We are happy to invite you to the pre-ICC2021 International Symposium on “Geospatial Approaches to Combating Covid-19” (, which will take place in Florence, Italy on 13-14 December 2021. This symposium is co-organized by the ICA Commission on LBS, and Commission on Geospatial Analysis and Modelling.

A large body of studies and practices have evidenced the importance of spatial thinking and the effectiveness of geospatial technologies in understanding Covid-19. It is critical to share research findings quickly so as to maximize the use of them in the world’s collective efforts. This symposium calls for submissions of Covid-19 research from the geospatial perspective.

You are invited to submit an extended abstract (1200-1500 words) by 1 May. A Best Student Paper Award and a Best Paper Award will be selected based on the submission and conference presentation. We intend to have a special issue at an international journal after the symposium. More information can be found at

Please also note that the 30th International Cartographic Conference (ICC 2021, will take place immediately after the above symposium. Location Based Services and Mobile Cartography are important topics there. Therefore, please also feel invited to submit your relevant work there. The full paper deadline is 09 April 2021 (extended), while the abstract submission deadline is 28 May.

Look forward to your contribution, and to seeing you soon.