LocBigData 2019 Program

Monday, 15 July 2019, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
Symposium room: Saturn
subject to change (version: 01.07.2019)
Each oral presentation has 15 mins, including Q&A. We recommend you give a 10-12 minutes presentation, and use the reminding 3-5 minutes for Q&A.
LocBigData 2019 website: https://lbs.icaci.org/locbigdata/

09:15-09:25 Opening

09:25-10:55 Session 1 “Computational Place Modelling” (Chair: Haosheng Huang)

  • Bin Jiang: Bridging the Two Concepts of Space and Place through the Concept of Wholeness
  • Rui Zhu: A High-order Statistical Approach to Understand Urban Structures
  • Kang Liu, Peiyuan Qiu, Song Gao, Feng Lu and Ling Yin: Exploring Urban Metro Stations as Cognitive Places Using Points of Interest
  • Ziyu Tong and Chuanjia Gong: Quantitative Recognition of Streetscape Based on Street View Photos
  • Yang Yue: Using Transit Card Data as Proxy for understanding Immigrants’ Activity Spaces
  • A-Xing Zhu, Guiming Zhang and Song Gao: A similarity approach to spatial bias mitigation in VGI: a case study of suitability mapping using eBird data

10:55-11:15 Coffee Break

11:15-12:30 Session 2 “Transport Modelling” (Chair: Xiaobai Angela Yao)

  • Song Gao, Yuhao Kang, Yunlei Liang, Joseph App and Mingxiao Li: Predicting Mean Travel Time to Traffic Analysis Zones from Street Network Centrality Measures
  • Feng Zhang, Jiaxin Du and Yingzhi Wang: Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Road Networks
  • Yan Liu and Siqin Wang: Inequity in access to public transport under different fare policies: A comparison using smart card data
  • Christian Röger and Maja Kalinic: Visualizing the Complexity of Crossings using Star-Plot Maps
  • Jie Shen, Kaiyue Zang, Hanchen Li, Jiapeng Xu, Yixian Du, Linying Zhong and Petr Šilhák: Dynamic visualization method for the road waterlogging early warning based on the user location

12:30-13:45 Lunch Break

13:45-15:15 Session 3 “Human Mobility Analytics I” (Chair: Jukka Krisp)

  • Yanjun Ye, Qingwen Qi and Lili Jiang: Spatial-temporal Changes in Passenger Flow Based on Big Data of Public Transportation IC Card in Chinese Small Urban Scale Cities
  • Seungjae Lee: Location based Smart Mobility Applications
  • Lei Zou, Nina Lam and Heng Cai: Leveraging Location-Based Social Media for Smart Emergency Management
  • Lizhen Shen and Shaojie Chen: Spatial-temporal Characteristics of Population Flow in the City Integration Area Based on Big Data of Tencent Migration
  • Zhenhua Chen, Zhaoya Gong, Qiwei Ma and Changcheng Kan: Impact of Extreme Weather Event on Urban Human Flow: A Perspective from Location-Based Big Data
  • Ana Basiri: Indicative Data Science for 3D mapping

15:15-15:40 Coffee Break

15:40-16:55 Session 4 “Human Mobility Analytics II” (Chair: Bin Jiang)

  • Anna Brauer, Ville Mäkinen and Juha Oksanen: Analyzing Bicycling Fluency in Urban Areas Using Big Mobile Tracking Data
  • Xun Li, Shili Chen and Wei Lang: Evaluating urban vitality using taxi data: a case study of Xiamen Island, China
  • Terje Trasberg, James Cheshire and Paul Longley: Applying New Forms of Data in Retail Location Analysis
  • Sungsoon Hwang and Kashica Webber-Richey: Towards robust exposure assessment using GPS trajectory data
  • James Todd, Oliver O’Brien and James Cheshire: Comparing 300 Bicycle Sharing Systems from around the World using Docking-Station Data

16:55-17:05 Closing